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Cool Cloud Apps for Work and Play

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Will you be sharing photos with friends and family while you're on vacation? How about listening to music, watching TV, or doing a bit of work from the office? Cloud-based apps let you handle all of that from a PC, tablet, or smartphone. NotebookReview has a run-down of the top options. Read Full Article

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Most Tablet Users Prefer Landscape Mode

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 has been designed to be in landscape mode by default. The company is clearly on to something, as a recent study found that[...] Read full article

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Google Cloud Print App Lets You Print from Android Tablets

The newly-released Google Cloud Print app enables a wide range of Android-based tablets and smartphones to send print jobs to a wide array of printers. Read full article

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Tips: Using the New Tiles in Windows 8

In Windows 8, the Windows start button is gone. Here are some tips on how to cope with the new tile-based user interface in Windows 8. Read full article

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Guide to Polishing Your Scratched Glossy Tablet Notebook

If you purchased a tablet or notebook in the past couple of years, chances are pretty good that you were stuck with a glossy plastic finish whether you liked it[...] Read full article

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Cleaning Your Notebook Guide Part 1: Cleaning the Air Vents

In the first of a four part series we'll take a look at how to clean various aspects of your laptop. To start with we'll look at cleaning the vents[...] Read full article

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Safer, Faster Charging and Longer Lasting Tablet PC Battery Coming Soon?

A company called Boston Power is showing off a battery at the Demo 2007 show today in Palm Desert California that they claim can charge to 80% in 30 minutes,[...] Read full article

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Bill Gates Speaks Highly of Tablet PCs

Bill Gates has been the man in the news lately due to Microsoft's launch of Vista and Office 2007 yesterday. He has had interviews with just about everyone from NBC's[...] Read full article

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News – Tablet PC Classroom Flexibility, How to Steal a Laptop, Franklin Wireless USB EVDO Card

Tablet PC Classroom Flexibility - Making a Great Case to go for a Tablet Great Video! How to Steal a Laptop Franklin Wireless USB EVDO Card (First Look) Read full article

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News – UMPC, Origami Outshine the Tablet PC? No, but We’ll Sicken You with the Latest!

Microsoft Guide: How to Buy a UMPC First Look at the Tablet Kiosk V-700 Ultra-Mobile PC Agilix Supports GoBinder for UMPC Platform Read full article

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Microsoft Windows Vista SideShow – In-Depth (pics)

Windows Vista SideShow is a secondary display that's going to be built into notebooks and Tablet PCs in the second half of this year. The display can be used to[...] Read full article