iPad (iOS) Review

Apple Smart Keyboard for 9.7-inch iPad Pro Review

We test an accessory that can turn the 9.7-inch version of the iPad Pro into a 2-in-1 laptop. Is it worth your money? Read on to find out. Read full article

iPad (iOS) Review

9.7-inch iPad Pro Review: Smaller and Better Looking

Good things come in smaller packages, at least according to Apple. The new 9.7-inch Apple iPad Pro is almost as powerful as the larger version, and supports similar accessories. But[...] Read full article

iPad (iOS) Review

Lexar JumpDrive C20i Review: Lightning/USB 3.0 Flash Drive & Cable

The JumpDrive C20i combines a Lightning/USB charging cable with an external flash drive compatible with iPad and iPhone. Read full article

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iPad (iOS) Review

Apple iOS 9.3 for iPad Review: Night Shift, Lockable Notes, And More

The latest update of iOS brings some new features to Apple's tablets, including Night Shift, lockable Notes, and more. We've put these to the test. Do they improve the Apple[...] Read full article

iPad (iOS) News

iPad Pro 9.7 Release Date Is Today

Following on the heel’s of last fall’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Apple has introduced a version of this high-end tablet with a 9.7-inch screen. Read full article

iPad (iOS) Review

iClever Portable Bluetooth Keyboard Review

This iClever Portable Bluetooth Keyboard review tests an accessory that starts about the size of a phone but opens to be a nearly full-size keyboard. Read full article

iPad (iOS) Review

Think Tank My 2nd Brain 13 Review

This Think Tank My 2nd Brain 13 review covers a gear bag that can hold an iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface Pro 4, as well as all its associated[...] Read full article

iPad (iOS) Feature

Don’t Buy an iPad

With a more powerful 9.7-inch model supposedly right around the corner, all the experts would agree, don't buy an iPad until the new one is on the market. Read full article

iPad (iOS) Review

iClever BoostCube Dual USB Travel Wall Charger Review

Most of us travel with both a tablet and a phone, but few people want to carry two chargers. iClever has a solution for this: this company's BoostCube offers dual[...] Read full article

iPad (iOS) Feature

Best Apps for Using a Chromecast with an iPad

Google's Chromecast is an outstanding way to stream video from a tablet to a TV, and here are the best apps for using a Chromecast with an iPad. Read full article