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How To Use a Stylus with Your Tablet

When you want to do something graphically intensive on your iPad, Android, or Windows tablet, you need a stylus. Here's some tips on getting the right one. Read full article

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Best iPad Apps: 3M Post-it Note Plus

Post-in Notes Plus is an attempt by 3M to keep those little sticky notes relevant in the digital world. How well did they succeed? Read this review to find out. Read full article

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Apple Cuts Prices for iPad Air and iPad mini 2 by $100

The cost of the original iPad Air has dropped by $100, and so has the price for last year’s iPad mini 2. Apple is also now offering the first-generation iPad[...] Read full article

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iPad (iOS) News

Apple iPad Air 2 Is Faster, Slimmer, More Secure

The sixth version of Apple’s full-size tablet has gone from rumor to reality. A new processor will give it the speediest iPad yet, and this will be the thinnest tablet[...] Read full article

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Apple Spruces Up iPad mini 3 with Touch ID

Apple is tweaking the design of its previous mid-size tablet and is calling the result the iPad mini 3. The only noticeable change is the addition of Touch ID, the[...] Read full article

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Western Digital My Passport Wireless Review

NotebookReview says the Western Digital My Passport Wireless is "quite simply the best portable storage solution we’ve seen to date." Read full article

iPad (iOS) Review

Nuvyyo Tablo Review: a DVR for Your Tablet

Nuvyyo’s Tablo is a digital video recorder designed specifically for the iPad and Android tablets, and it works with over-the-air HDTV broadcasts. Is this a better option than a TiVo?[...] Read full article

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Apple iPad Air 2: What We Think We Know

Apple's sixth full-size tablet is expected to come out in next few weeks, and many of the details have already come to light. iPad Air 2 rumors indicate that this[...] Read full article

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iPad and iPhone Users Relatively Slow to Adopt iOS 8

It’s been nearly three weeks since Apple introduced iOS 8, but fewer than half of iPad and iPhone users have installed it. This is significantly slower than the adoption rate[...] Read full article

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Best iPad Apps: Hanx Writer

There’s nothing like the sound of an old-fashioned typewriter to make us nostaligic for the time before new-fangled computers, notebooks, and tablets invaded our world. Hanx Writer brings some of[...] Read full article