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Digital Content for Tablets Replaces Traditional Textbooks

The accessibility of high-quality content might be the most important factor for successful deploying tablets in education. Read full article

iPad (iOS) Feature

Tablets Make the Grade When It Comes to Innovative Learning in the Digital World

Devices like the iPad and Windows 8 tablets are being deployed in school systems around the world as educators have begun to turn learning into a 1:1 technology initiative. Read full article

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Apple iOS 8 Release Date for iPads Is Sept. 17

Apple is going to release a new version of iOS next week. This will be a free upgrade for almost every iPad and iPad mini the company has introduced. Read full article

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iPad (iOS) News

Several New Bluetooth Tablet Keyboards in Innovative Designs Coming Soon from Brydge, Logitech, and ZAGG

A keyboard can be a valuable addition to a tablet, and there’s a thriving market for them. Companies will soon have new offerings for a range of models that appear[...] Read full article

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Apple Lists Top Reasons Why iOS App Submissions Are Rejected

Before iPad/iPhone applications can appear in the App Store they have to undergo an approval process. Apple has revealed the top reasons why apps get rejected. Read full article

iPad (iOS) News

New Western Digital Portable Drive Delivers Wireless Connection for Mobile Devices

The WD My Passport Wireless external hard drive expands storage for all devices with no need for wires or the Internet. Learn more about it from NotebookReview. Read full article

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Save $100 on the Apple iPad Air, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, or Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

Staples is holding a sale on several iOS, Android, and Windows tablets, lowering their prices by up to 20%. Read full article

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Apple iPad Air 2 May Already Be in Production

Apple’s next full-size tablet has reportedly already begun being manufactured. The device, typically referred to as the iPad Air 2, is expected to launch before mid-fall. Read full article

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Kensington Proximo Fob and Tag Bluetooth Tracker Review

If you're ever accidentally left your tablet somewhere, you know what a rotten experience it is. A Kensington Proximo Tag or Fob can help make sure this doesn't happen. Read full article

iPad (iOS) Feature

Best Tablets for College Students

TabletPCReview has recommendations for students and parents trying to decide on the best tablet for use in dorm rooms and classrooms. These devices have earned a place in almost any[...] Read full article