Windows 8 Review

Best Windows 8.1 Apps: RemindMe

RemindMe creates alerts and reminders, and that’s about it. It’s a simple app that’s easy to use, but still helpful and effective. Read full article

Windows 8 Review

Best Windows 8.1 Apps: TouchMail

Windows 8.1 users deserve a mail app that meets the operating system’s high aesthetic qualities, one with touch, swipe, and mouse-friendly features that plays well on both a tablet and[...] Read full article

Windows 8 How To

How to Choose the Right Tablet Operating System

Before picking out a tablet, you first need to decide what OS you'd prefer: iOS, Android, or Windows. We take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of each. Read full article

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Windows 8 News

Microsoft Has Run Out of Pre-Launch Supply of Some Surface Pro 2 Versions

Demand for the second-generation Surface tablet is strong enough that pre-orders placed now for some versions won't ship on launch day -- shoppers will need to wait until the second[...] Read full article

Windows 8 News

Microsoft Surface 2 with LTE Headed for AT&T

There is good news and bad news for those who want an LTE-enabled version of a Microsoft tablet: one will be released by AT&T, but it won't be the Surface[...] Read full article

Windows 8 News

Dell Unveils Its First Windows 8.1 Tablets

Dell is going to introduce a pair of tablets running the newest version of Microsoft's flagship operating system in the coming weeks. One will be mid-size, while the other is[...] Read full article

Windows 8 News

Windows 8.1 Now Available for Pre-Order

Boxed copies of Windows 8.1 are now available to pre-order from the Microsoft Store. Learn more from TechnologyGuide. Read full article

Windows 8 News

Delta Pilots Will Use the Microsoft Surface 2 as an In-Flight Reference Tool

Delta is going to equip its pilots with Microsoft's upcoming Surface 2 tablet as an Electronic Flight Bag. This is expected to save the airline a considerable amount in fuel. Read full article

Windows 8 News

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 Show Their Stuff in Official Videos

Microsoft has prepared two videos that demonstrate the features of its next-generation Surface tablets. The company has also begun running an advertisement for the two devices. Read full article

Windows 8 News

You May Soon Be Able to Use Your Tablet During Airplane Takeoffs and Landings

The FAA is reportedly close to removing most of the current restrictions on using a tablet during plane flights. UPDATED Read full article